AOL Desktop Gold Update

Update Desktop Gold Software

For improved speed, smooth running AOL software, easy transformation from old AOL Desktop, and a far better software experience at no additional cost. Update AOL Desktop Gold with a one click of the Windows or Mac button.

If you see AOL updates not working or the other related error message on the screen, first of all, check the system requirements. If they match the specifications of your device, try AOL’s troubleshooting guides.

Note: The method will assist you improve the slow performance of AOL Desktop Gold sending / receiving mail, chat, and games.

  • Open the Desktop Gold application and log into your account.
  • Look for the Settings icon and navigate to the “Update” column.
  • In some cases, you want to attend the AOL Gold “About” section for the update.
  • Tap the Update button and await for the AOL Desktop Gold software to update.

However, if you still see the AOL Gold update error, try to find the associated reasons and resolve them. Once the error is fixed, run and update the AOL Desktop Gold software.

The most popular causes of failed AOL Gold upgrade is the expiration of your valid subscription with the advanced plan membership

Therefore, you must immediately add money to the card associated with the AOL account. If the error still persists, start with the next solution, as long as your device has all the essentials. Otherwise, please meet the above requirements first.

How to update Desktop Gold on Windows and Mac?

With all the technical specifications on your computer or laptop, let us update the Desktop Gold software. If you’ve landed here ignoring any of these essentials above, the process surely won’t be straightforward for you. You will end up having another error on your desktop screen.

Therefore, after complying with the above procedure; it’s time to update AOL Gold. We suggest you choose based on the device’s operating system and follow the steps provided.

Desktop Gold Update for Windows 10, 8 or 7

Close all programs and applications

All other programs use RAM to run on the computer. As a result, the AOL update process becomes slow (because for an AOL-like program to update, the software needs more space in RAM).

task manager

Locate the desktop Gold file

Double-click the AOL Gold icon to open the application with valid AOL login credentials. You can find the AOL icon on your desktop, in the system tray, or in the Windows Start menu.

Find settings in the AOL software

The Desktop Gold software has a quick access menu bar and toolbar, both of which have the SETTINGS option. Navigate to Settings and check for AOL updates.

aol settings

Go to the About AOL Gold section

In Settings, go to the “About” section and read the AOL software information. You should keep scrolling through the AOL information on the page unless you find a button with UPDATE written on it.


Update AOL Gold software

Click and wait for the AOL Gold update to complete on your device. While the Desktop Gold update is in progress, make sure your device is connected to the internet.

AOL Desktop Gold Update for Mac

The process to Install AOL Desktop Gold update on a Mac device is quite similar to the procedure for the Windows operating system. However, the terms used may differ.

To update the AOL Gold software, these are your steps:

  1. Connect your computer to the Internet
  • To get the AOL update online, your Mac device must be connected to the Internet. If you confirm good internet speed, open a browser window and navigate to the AOL Desktop Gold upgrade.
  1. Find the AOL Gold update file
  • On the web page, you will see the AOL Gold “Update Now” button. And, when you click the button, AOL will ask you to enter your account details online. This will confirm your identity and help to get the correct AOL update on the Mac device.

  1. Download and run AOL updates
  • You will see AOL updates on the AOL account home page (if available). In case you find any updates to Desktop Gold, double click to refresh the AOL application.
  1. Restart your computer or Mac Book
  • Once the AOL Desktop Gold upgrade is complete, you will receive a message: “Your Desktop Gold upgrade is complete.” After seeing any such message, restart your computer and open AOL Gold from the icon to access enhanced security software.